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Why employers should recognize, support and train middle managers

Source | | Alethea Spiridon

Middle managers, as the bridge connecting those at the top of an organization with the wider workforce, are an integral part of how a company runs.

According to a 2016 study by Harvard Business School, performance tends to be higher among employees who sense their tasks are significant to an organization and are provided with the tools to complete them. It also found that if an organization is to make financial gains, the middle managers are the ones needed to make it happen.

It’s no wonder, then, that the American Express Co. refers to middle management as “the magic middle.” The nickname refers to these managers being the future leaders of the company and enablers of change and organizational productivity, says Catherine Finley, vice-president of human resources at American Express.

“We’ve looked at how do we invest, how do we best deploy, how do we provide career journey experiences for our middle managers? And how do we really leverage them to be those cultural enablers?”

Ilana Hechter, partner and lead of talent strategy and transformation at Mercer Canada, says organizations have a key responsibility to invest in leaders of all levels. “When we think about leaders, we tend to think about the executive layer, but . . . we need to, as organizations, take accountability for finding, developing and nurturing future leaders. We know that 75 per cent of people who leave [a company] cite relationships with their leaders as a key driver.”

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