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Has fresher hiring shifted to GCCs from other MNCs?, ETHRWorld

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  • Global Capability Centres (GCCs) plan to hire 50 per cent more freshers compared to last year. However, the trend has been that only mature GCCs with non-tech roles recruit freshers, primarily for affiliate roles such as finance, marketing, HR, etc. Core tech hiring remains prevalent from product companies or peer GCCs.
  • GCCs are extending up to 30 per cent higher salary offers than homegrown IT services firms. More freshers are accepting offers from GCCs due to higher joining pay and timely commencement of employment.
  • Some fresh graduates may be inclined to work for local companies in the GCC region due to familiarity with the work culture, language and lifestyle. This could give GCC companies an edge in attracting candidates who prefer a regional work environment.
  • The recent muted growth outlook of the larger IT players creates an opportunity for GCCs to be positioned as places where career growth is more predictable and visible.
  • The work culture at GCCs is characterised by continuous learning and improvement, giving them an edge over regular IT firms that place a stronger emphasis on employee output.
  • As the trend to insource gains traction, there is a visible incline in the quality of work that GCCs are engaged in, and that is often sufficient encouragement for freshers to consider these opportunities.

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