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This company is giving 30 days of paid leave to its women employees, ETHRWorld

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  • Asmita leave was introduced in October last year. This leave is above the earned, sick and casual leave, which women can take on need-basis to fulfil their personal life obligations.
  • Till now, 1,839 women employees have taken 7,434.5 days of Asmita leave since the implementation of the policy.
  • The thinking rationale and felt need behind introducing Asmita leaves is after understanding that women have more societal and family obligations as compared to men, and in most cases, they would be constantly juggling between their family and work responsibilities.
  • These 30 leaves in a year are meant to ensure that women can meet all of their responsibilities without having to compromise or worry about not doing justice to the work that they’re responsible for, and most importantly take away the guilt while making a choice for themselves.
  • Diversity is not about managing women; it’s about managing the perceptions and biases that people around them may have about women’s capabilities.

<p>Pooja B Luthra, Group CHRO, Trident Group</p>
Pooja B Luthra, Group CHRO, Trident Group

D&I intervention is something that not just addresses the professional lives of employees, but their personal lives too!

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