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This is how Airtel increased its gender diversity from 10% to 16.5% in just about a year, ETHRWorld

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  • Airtel runs 14 campus programmes. Last year, the company brought in close to 300 people through campus programmes, and the gender diversity in that was just about 20 per cent.
  • This year, the company will bring in close to 700 people, with 70 per cent women, through its various campus programmes.
  • Earlier, Airtel used to cover campuses across 13 cities. Today, the company covers campuses across upwards of 30 cities.
  • “It’s easy for me to say this college doesn’t have the right mix. If there are no women, then how will I hire women? So, we’ve gone really wide to increase the talent pool,” said Padda.
  • Airtel has taken close to 40 jobs to women’s home. The company has set up a full office in their houses.
  • “We said if they can’t come here, we’ll go to them. This year, we’ll see how we can spread that out. That’s another way of expanding the talent pool,” shared Padda.
  • To increase the number of women in frontend, Airtel has made it sure that all its stores must have washrooms that women can use.
  • When Airtel hires people from campuses, it doesn’t just bring them in and put them directly on the job. The company will first train all these people through intensive programmes of six months to nine months duration to help them understand the job, the environment.
  • An important aspect of Airtel’s employee value proposition is around being limitless, which means that people can join the company from any field, but…
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