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4 Key Insights on the HR Tech Landscape

Source | | Adam David Mckinnon

In this article we take a data-driven look at HR Technology, using network analysis. Specifically, we objectively examine the question “which technologies and vendors are influential in the HR Tech landscape?” The big tech players are generally known, and anecdotal predictions regarding the future are common, but can we derive an understanding of HR technologies through data and analytics?

Data collection

We obtained data from the 2019 Unleash Conference in London, specifically the 35 start-ups and 64 sponsors that were present at the conference. Conference attendees were provided a list of company names and their “tags”, which were descriptors of the technology or HR domain that characterise the respective companies. 

Network Analyses — How we did what we did?

We examined the tags using network analysis, in a technology called Kenelyze (kudos to our partner André Vermeij). 

The current network examines the “influence” of HR tech among those vendors present at the 2019 Unleash Conference in London. Network Nodes were the company Tags, and company name was included as a node attribute. The network was undirected and displayed using the Force Atlas 2 layout. Nodes (i.e. Tags) were sized according to the number of times the Tag was used to describe an organisation, and coloured according to the PageRank score (i.e. influence measure). The network is presented below in static format. However, you can also view an interactive network by clicking on either the network image below, or the following link Please feel free to explore further and comment!


Data interpretation: What did we discover? & What are main insights?

What are prominent technologies in the HR Tech landscape?

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