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13 rules every classy woman follows to elevate her life

By | Pearl Nash |

Dining in lavish restaurants, wearing designer outfits, and walking as if you’re balancing books on your head may seem like conventional tropes of a classy woman, but they aren’t the rules to becoming one.

While these are definitely common habits of classy people, becoming classy is an internal endeavor; more than a lifestyle change, it’s a behavioral change.

To help you, there are a few guidelines that most classy women abide by.

These tend to go unspoken, but observe enough classy women and you’ll find them all following more or less the same guiding principles.

Here are 13 that, if understood and practiced, will build the foundation you need to become a classy woman yourself.

1. Always Be On Time

Punctuality is a crucial element to being classy.

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